Thursday, January 19, 2012

I once had such perfect arms....

My heart is breaking.

These are pictures of his arms (from tonight) where he has bitten himself when he gets mad. I hate this. I hate this. I hate this. I have a huge bite mark on my arm from Saturday (and now I don't even care - I wish I had all the marks on my arms) apparently I somehow missed that he was biting himself again. Last night I had to hold him for 30 minutes while he sobbed because he was so mad and begged me to let him bite himself.   I have been so exhausted and not feeling well that when I gave him his showers/baths I missed these bruises.

I told him that it makes me sad when he hurts himself and he said, "I once had such perfect arms." I said they will be perfect again but he has to stop biting himself and us.  I told him we have to find ways to channel his anger.
He is having problems at school with anxiety, frustration and staying on task.  We are working with the teacher and school psychologist closely.  The problem and it will sound funny that it is a "problem" is that he is a very smart kid - scoring off the charts and so if he doesn't have academic issues - CSE doesn't care.  I'm going to see how next week goes - and if things aren't better - I'm going to call the neurologist and ask for a CSE meeting to see if we can't get him extra help.

God help us. He had a good day today. I hope they continue. Pray for us.


Pam said...

My heart is breaking. Holding both of you up in prayer. Poor Andrew this must be so confusing for him. Sending love xoxo

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

This breaks my heart too. I am so sorry!