Thursday, July 5, 2012

Road Trip 2012

We had a wonderful trip across the country in June.  Day one, we drove from New York (Long Island) to Chicago.  We left at 6 a.m. and arrived at our hotel in Chicago about 7:30 p.m. (that is with an hour time change - so technically we were on the road almost fifteen hours).  That first night we ate at the Rainforest Cafe - Andrew was exhausted but he loved it. I have always been in love with several cities and Chicago is one of them.  

The next morning after breakfast in the hotel we surprised him with Legoland Discovery Center.  He was over the moon!

After spending a few hours there (and of course a Lego set purchase) - we drove to Wrigley Field - where we happened upon a Sausage Festival.  Chicagoland knows their sausages!  After having some sausage and chips - we drove down Lake Shore Drive - and I saw Lake Michigan for the first time - I was in love (again).  We found parking and walked to the Navy Pier and decided to take a boat ride.

The next morning we took off for Denver...over seventeen hours in the car -- it was an exhausting ride (at one point I prayed for death).  We spent two days in Denver looking at homes and figuring out what part of Denver we wanted to make our new home.  We had some great meals, met some wonderful people and enjoyed our time there (our real estate agent Tina Delgado was amazing!)

Next stop was St. George, Utah for a one night rest stop.  We drove through the Rocky Mountains and I have never seen anything so awe inspiring. Maybe I'm just older and can appreciate the beauty more.  I've been to the Grand Canyon, lived in Phoenix, St. Louis and New York, visited Niagara Falls and  honeymooned in London and Paris - but driving through those mountains -- there are no words.

After our stop in St. George for the night, we made our way to San Diego.  I remember the first glimpse of the Pacific - again my heart just burst.  We live on the Atlantic and my husband's family have a beach house at Breezy Point - and I remember the first time I saw the Atlantic - I was gobsmacked.  The Pacific just ruined me for all other bodies of water.

We didn't want to tell Andrew about our surprise for the first full day in San Diego - but we ended up having to spill the beans.  He saw "Carlsbad" on the door of the hotel and started to cry.  He didn't understand why we told him Legoland was too far away and we couldn't make it this trip.  Here is his reaction to the news:

We had a fun day at Legoland the next day (and of course he left with another Lego set)!  The last day in California - we drove to Los Angeles and I got to see the Hollywood sign, walked the Hollywood Walk of Fame and I had lunch at Susan Feniger's EAT AT STREET - it was wonderful!  All I cared about on our trip to California - was giving Andrew Legoland, seeing the Pacific and I hoped to see the Hollywood sign and eat at Susan's restaurant- I lucked out and got everything on my wish list!

We drove back and stopped in all the same cities for one night each - but with a four hour stop in Las Vegas (for daddy).   Las Vegas is not for me (even though I was lucky).  In Cedar City, Utah after leaving St. George, we had a wonderful thirty minute visit with my wonderful friend Pam and her gorgeous daughter, Anna and dog Olive!  I met Pam through her blog Living Rancho Delux and we are great friends!

It was 6,500 miles and a once in a lifetime trip!  We had fun in the car playing "Guess What I'm Thinking Of?", singing songs and talking.  It was an incredible bonding experience for our family to live in one room for two weeks - we loved it.  We thought it would be difficult - but it was beautiful and Andrew was a ROCK STAR!

Now we are packing and getting ready to have a contractor come in and do some cosmetics - carpets pulled up (hard wood floors), painting and more.  We hope to have the house up on the market by September.

Colorado here we come!


Pam said...

Awe Jenny!!! That is so sweet I am so glad you made the trip and you had a wonderful time. Pleased as punch that I got to meet you and Jim and give Andrew a big hug. You all have become a very important part of our lives and so excited you will only be a short 9 1/2 hours away. Love you Sweetie, xoxo

Cakewhiz said...

Wow! What a fun trip... Thanks for sharing all these cute pics :)

Leanne Koonce said...

What a totally awesome trip for your family! It was a great trip to follow you on, with so many wishes granted for Andrew, and you, and Las Vegas for Jim!

Good luck getting your house sold!

Love You.

KudosKitchen said...

That looks like such an amazing trip! I'm sure it's one that will never be forgotten (especially by Andrew)! I'm excited for you and your move too. Best of luck with everything. I'll be following along with all you escapades.