Sunday, December 2, 2012

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger....

It has been a rough couple months.

Hurricane Sandy was the least of my problems - we managed to survive with only having a power outage for six days -- substantial damage to the beach house and Jim not being home for a week.

Andrew has been having an impossible time.  Anxiety, anger, aggression.  He has been on four different medications in the last few months and is struggling horrifically both at home and at school.

Today he cried for twenty minutes wanting to be a cool kid and not be different.  He wants to find a cure for autism.  This all started today because he had an epic melt down because of a game on the iPad.

The poor child cannot sit still for a minute. The teacher told me Friday she has never seen anything like it at all.  We are worried sick.

We are now looking for a pediatric psychiatrist that takes insurance....needle in a haystack.

Happy Holidays.